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Well, before wading into the question of why you want attached underlayment on your laminate flooring, let's ask why you need underlayment at all. Laminate flooring underlayment is a thin (about 1/8" thick) foam padding that comes in rolls and serves to:

  • Provide a bit of insulation.
  • Make it easier to walk on (more cushion-y).
  • Smooth out some of the minor imperfections that most floors and subfloors have.
  • Act as an extra barrier against moisture. You'll still need a vapor barrier, though.
  • Absorb sound.
So, laminate flooring like Pergo Accolade or DuPont RealTouch comes with the underlayment pre-attached. My assessment: What's the big deal? It takes all of ten minutes to roll out underlayment for an entire room, including overlapping it and the occasional taping here and there. I'd say that if you had a choice between laminate without attached underlayment vs. the Accolade-type laminate--and the price was significantly higher for the latter--I would just get the "naked laminate" and roll out my own underlayment. That's just my two cents...

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August 6, 2009 at 11:47 am
(1) Sarah says:

I agree with this article. You should pick the laminate that fits you and your lifestyle. The pad attached is mainly for convenience and if the cost is higher, then I say forgo that convenience because the underlayment isn’t such a huge INCONVENIENCE. There is a brand that my mother-in-law purchased recently called Quick-Step laminate flooring. I noticed that they offer the pad attached but also offer “without pad” laminate as well. Hope this helps!

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