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Lee Wallender

Lee Wallender

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As the ultimate know-nothing beginner, Lee Wallender's first experience with home renovation was remodeling a 100 year-old house.


Experience remodeling homes on a DIY basis and by hiring capable professionals. Six years as a writer specializing in home remodeling topics.


  • California Lutheran University, English, BA.
  • University of Southern Mississippi, English, MA.

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Know nothing about home renovation? Scared to death about what might lurk under that orange shag rug? Wonderful! Neither did I when I started. The only tools I had to my name were a hammer and hacksaw from my car trunk--hardly the stuff of world-class home renovation. At first, I shuddered every time I squeezed into the house's crawlspace or tore down another plaster wall. But I slowly learned how to renovate a house, and with that knowledge came strength. Home renovation empowers you to take control of your living environment. And, yes, it can even be profitable. Let me help guide your home renovation projects to a smooth completion.


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