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Inspirational Bathroom Remodeling Photos: Bravely "Flouting Tradition"!
Classic Bathroom Ideas
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The Remodeler/Designer Says:

This powder bathroom was designed to be so beautiful you do not even need a door! OF course there is a door to the potty room but the opening to the bath is right off a large foyer and we eliminated door...flouting tradition, we also eliminated the main center mirror so you can see the gorgeous metal tiles. We added a collection of side mirrors to use and also add to the drama. The counter is a slab of black distressed walnut and the sink is solid bronze.


A degree in Fine Arts coupled with years of hands on experience in designing, creating, specifying and executing all phases of the project have given Cheryl Kees Clendenon a unique perspective into the details of kitchen and bath design. Working and communicating with the various subcontractors and craftsmen to achieve the desired end results is critical to success as is being direct and honest with the client. Each kitchen Cheryl designs is unique and most importantly, is a reflection of the individual client's personality, lifestyle and taste.Cheryl feels Inspiration is the key element in starting the creative process.


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