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Can You Paint When It Rains?


Question: Can You Paint When It Rains?

Can you paint a house when it rains? What about painting exterior or interior: any differences?

Answer: Yes, you can paint when it rains. You can paint both the exterior and interior of your house when it rains. Exterior has some limitations; interior has no reasonable limitations.

Many painters and paint companies recommend against applying paint at the first sight of a rain cloud. But if you live in a rain-prone area, you'd never get any work done if you high-tailed it back inside when a drop falls.

Painting season is not determined by terms such as "Fall" or "Winter" but by climactic conditions such as moisture and temperature. As long as you're safely within those climactic boundaries, it's painting season.


Answer these four questions:
  1. Is the surface that I intend to paint wet?
  2. Will the surface get rained on within 8-10 hours of paint application?
  3. Is the outside temperature below the minimum recommendation as specified on the paint can?
  4. Will the temperature drop below the minimum within 8-10 hours of paint application?
If you can answer "No" to each question, you can probably paint.

Be reasonable, though. Some paints can be applied in temperatures as low as 34 degrees F. If you are painting at exactly 34 degrees at 10:00am, and you expect it to hit freezing at 6:00pm, you're really pushing the envelope. Give yourself a buffer zone.


Yes, you can paint the interior of your house when it is raining outside.


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