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Anatomy of Colors on a Craftsman Home
Craftsman House Colors Schematic

Craftsman House Colors Schematic

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In the Craftsman style, home and nature work together in harmony. Because so many Craftsman homes are associated with California, the colors often reflect this: earthy browns; muted greens; cool stone-like blues.

When painting your house exterior in this style, keep in mind that you will be dealing with three areas: walls, trim, and accents. Sometimes your design will have more colors, but only rarely.

Walls are the biggest area that you will be painting. These are sometimes called the "body" of the house.

Trim consists of eaves, pillars, railing, and the like. Accents are wall sections that are smaller than the body area.

On the next page, we look at the a typical house color palette arranged by wall, trim, and accent areas.

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