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How to Use a Paint Sprayer


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Suit Up: Wear Maximum Protection When Spraying Paint
How to Use a Paint Sprayer - Protection Needed for Spraying

Protection Needed for Spraying

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Shut off the machine and suit up with the rest of your protection gear. You can't wear too much protection gear when spray painting. Yes, you will look dumb and it is uncomfortable, but it will save your eyes, skin, hair, and clothes.
  • Full-Body Coveralls: Buy the kind with the booties attached. If not, you can buy separate shoe covers or just use shoes that you don't mind ruining with paint.
  • Goggles: Not just safety glasses, but goggles that seal all around your eyes.
  • Respirator: Not just a paper mask, but a HEPA respirator.
  • Spray Sock: If the coveralls don't have an attached hood, buy a spray sock. It's a simple piece of cloth with a face cut-out, much like a ski mask.
  • Gloves: Old gloves you won't mind getting ruined or latex gloves. Warning: latex gloves will get slippery after awhile.
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