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Fastening Drywall

Learn the proper materials and techniques for fastening drywall.

How to Fasten Drywall With a Drywall Screw
Fastening drywall to a stud with a cordless drill and a drywall screw.

Drywall Screw Spacing
Find out drywall screw spacing for field and edge parts of drywall.

Driving and Sinking Drywall Screws
How to drive and properly sink a drywall screw into drywall.

Drywall - Basic Wall Installation Layout
The most basic way to install drywall on wall studs.

Start Wall Drywall at Top or at Bottom?
A reader asks about drywall installation process: start a wall at the top (near ceiling) or at bottom (near floor)? This drywall install has one different factor, though: he also wants a drop ceiling.

Drywall Hanging Tips
Here is some advice--and time-worn tips--on how to hang drywall.

Drywall Shims
Useful items if you're installing drywall on imperfect walls are drywall shims. Learn about drywall shims and what they will and won't do for you.

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