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Room Addition Pictures and Ideas
Small Room Addition

Small Room Addition, Ohio

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Room additions sometimes start small and economical within the homeowner's mind, before mushrooming into a monster. Knowing in advance that home additions are expensive, homeowners often begin by saying, "All I want is a simple 200 sq. ft., no bath, no extra HVAC, no plumbing, few electrical needs." Then you start thinking: "Well...I'm already grading the area and laying down a foundation. How much more could it be to add a guest bathroom." A slippery slope indeed.

That's why I love these room addition photos from Buckley Exteriors. It starts small, ends small. It merges seamlessly with the back of the house. The owners were probably able to pay for it in cash--no second mortgages looming over their heads. Nice work. See the finished addition here.

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