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1940s Kitchen Style
1940s Kitchen Design

1940s Kitchen Design

Image: Creative Commons License - Public Domain Mark 1.0
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It's perpetually a quarter-to-five in this incredible 1940s kitchen. Hubby is due home any minute from the station... But where is dinner, Lois?

The true star of this photo was supposed to be the linoleum flooring (as this came from an Armstrong Flooring publication).

But get a gander at the whole rounded-off-ness of this joint! You'll find nary a straight line or right angle here.

About These Photos

All of these photos are a fanciful, not real, depiction of a house from the mid-1940s. They come from a publication called Portfolio of Room Interiors, by Hazel Dell Brown. Ms. Brown was the chief interior designer of Armstrong World Industries Inc. of Lancaster, Pa. She died in 1982. Photos were distributed through the Internet Archive. Direct link below.

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