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Lots of great articles about house painting, interior and exterior.
  1. Exterior House Painting (28)
  2. Interior House Painting (46)
  3. Materials (Paint, Primer, Tape, Masking Film) (8)
  4. Tools (Brushes, Sprayers, Etc.) (23)

House Painting Preparation
Learn all the patching and sealing methods and tools you can use to prepare for house painting.

How to Make Your House Paint Last Longer
Find out how to make your house paint job last longer, saving you money.

Stucco Finish
What is stucco finish? Are stucco finishes applicable to both masonry and wood structures?

Remove House Paint
Learn common ways to remove house paint from your house exterior.

Paint Color Samples: All the Basics
Paint color samples aren't as easy to figure out as they seem. Let me help you purchase paint color samples.

Peeling Paint Fix
A peeling paint fix prior to painting your house's interior or exterior.

Q: "How to Clean Paint Off of Vinyl Windows?"
Accidentally got latex paint on your vinyl windows? Find out the surprisingly easy way to clean this mess off.

Paint Brush Comb
A paint brush comb? Are you serious? Yes, a paint brush comb is the best way to keep your paint brushes clean and extend their lifespan.

Canvas Dropcloth
A important investment in painting supplies is the canvas dropcloth.

Painters Masking Film
If you have any serious painting project lined up, you need to use masking film to cover windows, doors, and more. Find out about masking film.

Easy Mask® Tape & Drape™ Review
Review of Easy Mask® Tape & Drape™ masking film.

List of Essential Painting Supplies
A list of essential painting supplies for interior and exterior painting.

QuickMask Masking Film Review
A review of 21' QuickMask Masking Film.

Paint Sprayer Review: HomeRight Power-Flo Pro Piston Pump Sprayer
A review of a pro-level paint sprayer that's right for consumers, too: the HomeRight Power-Flo Pro Piston Pump Sprayer>

Small Wall® Paint Sample Boards
A quick review of Small Wall paint sample material.

Supercharge Your Learning Process with Interior Painting Videos
What better way to learn interior painting than these crisp, succinct videos from About Home Renovations? Supercharge your learning in these instructive installments!

Painting Contractors:
Ready to put down the brush and let a painting contractor take over? Find out everything you need to know about painting contractors in this informative article.

Avoid Cleaning Your Paintbrush or Roller
Cleaning paintbrushes and rollers is a pain. Try this tip to save time and avoid misery.

List of 12 Paint Manufacturers
Behr? Dutch Boy? How many paint manufacturers can you think of off the top of your head? To save you time and brainpower, here is a list of paint manufacturers.

Online Paint Visualizers
Time was, if you wanted to visualize what your kitchen would look like with a new paint scheme, you can to close your eyes and imagine. Now, all you have to do is log onto an online paint visualizer tool and see exactly (well, almost exactly) what the rooms will look like after painting.

Note: Many of these links may not go directly to the color tool, but to one level prior, because direct …

How to Paint a Room
Find out how to paint a room. Professional tips about how to paint a room from the experts.

Ryobi Duet Power Paint System FPR300
Check out our review of the Ryobi Paint Sprayer, otherwise known as the Duet Power Paint System.

Paint Edger Product Tour
Instead of masking or "cutting in," you can use a paint edger to achieve a straight line when painting. But which paint edgers work and which don't?

Hire a Painting Company?
Can't decide whether to hire a painting company or do it yourself? Here are some reason you may want to call painting companies for your next job.

Paint Sprayer
We've got a Wagner paint sprayer that lets you know whether this product is worth buying. Check out our Wagner paint sprayer review.

Free Paint Samples
Where can you get free paint samples or swatches? Check out our online guide.

Paint Color Trends
Find out upcoming paint color trends.

How to Duplicate Designer Paint Colors
Find out how to duplicate designer paint colors and save money.

How to Copy Designer Paint Colors - User Answers
How to Copy Designer Paint Colors

Valspar Bonding Primer - Contractors Primers
A review of Valspar Bonding Primer.

I feature a nifty new product called PaintSmart-Trayz that help you paint with a roller on a ladder.

Duron Paint Colors: A Taste of Regional
What Duron paint colors should you choose for interior and exterior? We have some suggestions for Duron colors to choose.

Sherwin-Williams Customer Service
My story of customer service at Sherwin-Williams--and a chance for you to pitch in with stories of your own about customer service stories.

Sherwin-Williams Reviews - Customer Service and Otherwise
Leave and real reviews of Sherwin-Williams paint, stores, customer service.See submissions

Remove painters tape when paint is wet or dry?
When is the best time to remove painters tape. Should I remove painters tape right away or wait until the paint is dried?

Neutral Paint Colors
Learn why "neutral" in paint colors doesn't necessarily mean dull. Neutral colors are essential to most paint color schemes.

Self Priming Paint
A dream of many owners, self-priming paint is here. Or is it really?

Quantity of Exterior Paint to Use - Spraying vs. Brushing
How much paint will you use hand-painting vs. spraying when painting your house exterior?

Paint OSB?
Can you paint OSB? Excellent question; glad you asked. Let's look at whether OSB--or, oriented strand board--can be painted.

How to Stain Wood
How to stain wood without mess or messing it all up.

Neutral Colors for the Living Room
Pictures and commentary to help you choose neutral colors for your living room.

Do I Need To Paint Two Coats?
Exploring the question of whether you always need to paint 2 coats of paint.

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