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1960s Kitchen: From Jet-Age to Funkadelic


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1962 Kitchen
1962 Kitchen
Via UglyHousePhotos.com
Remodeling a 1960s kitchen? It's no simple task, since the Sixties were a time of great change. So, a kitchen from the early Sixties might look like the one above--sleek, angular, and understated--while one from the latter half of the decade might exhibit bold colors and Space Age lines.

About This Kitchen

Great photo, less of the kitchen and more of the dining area. But still, what we do see is incredible. Clean, wood-veneered cabinets dividing the two areas. Refrigerator inset into cabinets. Formica or other type of laminate counters. Ceiling swooping up into the heavens. I have no idea of the exact year, but I guess 1962.

Want to get these kitchen cabinets? Try IKEA or Porcelanosa, a Spanish company that makes sleek cabinetry.

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