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Fifties Kitchen


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The Fifties Kitchen
Fifties Kitchen Yellow
One of the true reality-checks of home remodeling is when you start to really--and I mean really--research in detail what your house may have originally looked like. Kitchens are a great example of this. Chances are, if you have a House of a Certain Age, your kitchen was nothing spectacular in its own time.

Sure, it's one thing to restore a bedroom to complete fidelity. But a kitchen? A kitchen is a functional place you use day in, day out. Do you really want to bring back that coal-fired stove?

The Fifties Kitchen: A Time of Transition

Fortunately, if you're restoring a Fifties kitchen, more often than not you will find items that closely approximate those of today: unified cabinetry, wall oven, attention to ergonomics, electric or gas appliances, dishwashers.

This kitchen shows off Youngstown die-formed steel cabinets in "thrilling yellow," as product literature puts it. Sharp edges and corners have been rounded off.

It's difficult to see, but that under-counter item to the left of the stove is a dishwasher.

A great kitchen. Thrilling yellow indeed.

Fifties Kitchen Factoid

Steel cabinets ruled the average kitchen in the 1950s. Particleboard, that staple of cabinetry from 1970s onward, had been invented but was not in widespread use yet in the kitchen.

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