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Kitchen Wall Colors: A Picture Gallery From Major Paint Manufacturers


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Kitchen Wall Colors: Not Your Mother's Purple Kitchen
Lavender Kitchen Wall Color
© Behr Process Corp.
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Manufacturer Behr outright admits to this being a purple, but it's not the kind of darker, grape-like purple you ordinarily imagine.

It's softened and turned friendly by the addition of tints. Not only that, the cabinets--a nice color called Cloud Nine--balance out the wall color. Nothing garish here at all.

It's a perfect color scheme for anyone who would like to have a light, airy, fun, and not-too-serious kitchen. One factor lending to this feel is the open shelving: two tiers of white shelves over the counter displaying pretty items only. Give your kitchen instant country-like charm by collecting smaller items such as teas and small linens in baskets, as shown.

Mainly with this type of color, you'll want to keep it simple, clean, uncluttered. Here are your paints:

  • Wall- Weeping Wisteria.
  • Cabinets- Cloud Nine.
Behr is available only from The Home Depot.

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