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Kitchen Wall Colors: A Picture Gallery From Major Paint Manufacturers


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Kitchen Wall Colors: A Very Cabin-Like Blue and Tan
Kitchen Wall Colors Cottage Style
© Ralph Lauren
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I like Ralph Lauren Paint. RLP's colors always have a touch of that Lauren style, and the photos are nothing short of inspirational. These kitchen colors are evocative of a seaside cabin. The gold-tinged tan of the beadboard back wall, in combination with the lightly gray-tinted blue of the side wall, make for an elegantly-plain space.

You'll rise each morning as coffee is brewing and pull the cafe curtains aside to greet a sunny new day. Just imagine: it could be your cabin in the Cascades, Adirondacks, or Rockies. Or it could just be your own home in the city or suburbs. Sometimes, paint makes everything.

Once again--as we've seen before--the addition of a few open shelves makes for a friendlier space.

You will choose:

  • Back Wall- Chamois.
  • Side Wall- Cowgirl Blue.
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