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Kitchen Wall Colors: A Picture Gallery From Major Paint Manufacturers


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Kitchen Wall Colors: For When You Need a Bright Green
Electric Yellow-Green Kitchen Wall Color
© Glidden
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Yes, this is a green for green-lovers who want more yellow.

Glidden calls this Soothing Green Tea. As you can see--if you will please take off your sunglasses for a moment--this is a green with quite a lot of bright yellow. Adding to this: ambient light flooding the room and chiefly the yellowish pine cabinets.

This is a small kitchen, so the designers were careful to keep the mood light and festive with classic small-kitchen design touches. Note the cabinets that leave a gap at the top to avoid an imposing feeling. Note, too, the free-standing kitchen island off to the left. This kitchen can be moved closer to the cooking area when needed. In a pinch, it can even double as a table for eating.

Toasted White is the color used on the crown and base moldings.

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