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Kitchen Wall Ideas: Stone Veneer Accent Wall
Kitchen Wall Ideas

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What to do with kitchen walls? Most often, walls in the kitchen are blanketed with cabinets, top to bottom, making this a moot question.

But open walls are nice, even if it's just a partial open wall. The answer then is varied. Some homeowners add stone accent walls, as shown here. Other people like open walls with spare shelving that show off not just walls but attractive china collections and other dining items.

On those cabinet-heavy walls where just a strip of bare wall remains, tiled backsplash works great.

If you like stone but don't want the work involved with masonry, faux stone walls made of polystyrene provide the right look.

Stone Walls

Stone works well in kitchens because it conveys timeless solidity. Barring the addition of a real stone oven, what can you do?

Manufactured stone veneer works great in kitchens as an accent wall like the one shown here, from Cultured Stone.

Q: What's An Accent Wall?
A: Accent walls should be the first thing you see when entering the kitchen and are usually of a bolder color or texture than the other walls.

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