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Kitchen Wall Ideas: Designer Paint and Open Shelving
Kitchen Wall Ideas
(c) Ralph Lauren Home
Here's an idea for a kitchen wall from designer paint maker, Ralph Lauren Home. It's a Spartan, elegant design employing open shelving, spare white matching stoneware, and a vibrant color from Ralph Lauren Paint called Monticello Yellow, described by the designer's site as a "brilliant marigold yellow, an egg-yolk hue..."

Clear Walls, Space Issues

Walls often present a problem for homeowners remodeling their kitchen. Bare, open walls are great, but unless you have an excessively large kitchen, open walls also mean less storage space.

On the other hand, a kitchen whose every wall is crammed with storage space feels cramped and busy. And who really needs a place for every JuiceMaster, egg cooker, and grilled cheese sandwich maker?

Designers and DIY home remodelers solve this problem in several ways. Pare down those non-essentials to regain those open walls. Or create a side area, just outside of the kitchen, to store kitchen items you use less than once per week.

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