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Tile, whether ceramic, porcelain, or stone, is one of the most popular floor coverings for bathroom and kitchen. Find out more with great articles and videos about tile and tiling.

Floor Tile
Learn about all aspects of floor tile--choosing, installing, designing patterns, and buying.

Travertine Floor
We offer some basic tips about travertine floor for your home. Learn how travertine floor tile can enhance your home's beauty.

Professionally Designed Tile Patterns to Duplicate for Your Floors
Get ready-made tile patterns you can duplicate for your own floor.

Kitchen Floor Tile
Get great kitchen floor tile ideas. Learn about resilient and ceramic kitchen floor tiles.

Tile That Looks Like Stone
It's not marble, granite, or travertine. It's porcelain or ceramic tile that looks like stone.

Which Kind of Tile Mortar to Use?
Which kind of tile mortar to use?

Tile That Looks Like Wood Flooring
Yes, you can get tile that looks like wood flooring. In fact, scarily so.

Tile Floor Transition
Find out about tile floor transitions and thresholds.

Tiling Tips
Get some great tiling tips. Here are tiling tips and hints you can really use.

Bathroom Tile Colors
Get great bathroom tile colors for your own bathroom.

Tile Floor Ideas
Take a look at great tile floor ideas. Find some tile floor ideas you can duplicate for your own home.

Tile Over a Floating Floor
Can you tile over a floating floor? Yes, and here's how to do it.

Quarry Tiles
What are quarry tiles, and how are they used, installed, and maintained? Find out about quarry tile in our overview.

List of Tile Manufacturers and Companies
I'll admit: this list of tile manufacturers began out of a personal need. As the Guide to Home Renovations on About.com, I answer many readers' questions about tile (ceramic, stone, etc.) and sometimes I get questions about tile manufacturers. So, rather than hording a list of tile companies and their websites to myself, I thought I would...

Bathroom Tile Pictures
View bathroom tile pictures you can copy for your own bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Design
Find out elements of effective bathroom tile design. Featuring bathroom tile designs from major tile manufacturers.

Sealing Tile Grout
Face it - sealing tile grout is no fun. But here's why you need to seal tile grout, and some tips to make it go easier.

Grout Color - Learn How Grout Colors Can Transform Your Tile Project
Grout color is one of the most ignored aspects of tiling. Find out how grout colors can add punch to your tile project.

Can I Reuse Ceramic Tiles?
A reader asks if it's possible to reuse ceramic tile. Is reusing ceramic tile a viable option or should she just junk it?

Tile Mastic: Bane or Boon? Your Questions Answered
Tile mastic is used to adhere tiles to surfaces. But are there any pitfalls to using tile mastic?

The Tile Estimator
Recently, I found the best tile calculator that I have seen in a long time. Tile calculators are a dime a dozen, but this Flash-based calculator gives you a good "visual" of what's going on.

Tile Designer: Over 4"x4" Tile Size is Fine for Small Bathrooms
We received a response from a tile designer, regarding one of our tile design rules articles. Let's see what the tile designer has to say.

Install Mosaic Tile Sheets
Great tips on how to install mosaic tile sheets.

Tile Backer or Backer Board
Learn the key ideas behind tile backer, also known as backer board. Find out why you need tile backer for your ceramic tile project, instead of other types of substrate.

The 3 Types of Tile Materials
Tile is one of the most favorite design materials for kitchens and bathrooms. It has been used since Roman times, and even though excellent manmade materials have become popular in recent years, tile is still valued for its beauty and cost-saving potential. All tile can be classed into three different types: ceramic, quarry, and stone.

The 5 Laws of Tiling
Keep these 5 basic rules of tiling in mind when setting tiles in your bathroom or kitchen.

Tile Design Rules
Tile has its own personality. So it is best to keep a few time-tested rules in mind when designing with tile in your kitchen or bathroom.

How to Estimate Tile Quantity
The last thing you want is to run out of tile. Use this estimating guide to make sure you have enough tile for your tiling project, but not more tile than is needed.

How to Cut Ceramic Tile with a Snap Cutter
Cutting tile with a snap or rail cutter is tricky business indeed. Get tips on how to make this an easier and less expensive job, with less tile waste.

How to Cut Installed Tile
Cutting tile before installing it is hard enough. Now imagine cutting installed, mortared, and grouted tile! Let's examine the possibilities.

Tiling Basics for Bathrooms
Beautify your bathroom with new tile. Learn the basics of tiling for bathrooms.

Buy Premixed Mortar - My Best Advice
Best tip for buying tile mortar: buy the premixed mortar, and here is why.

Hints on How to Use the Rubber Float When Grouting
A few quick tips on how to use the rubber float with tile grout.

"Do I really need to apply grout sealer? What is the best way to apply it?"
"Do I really need to use grout sealer on my tile grout? If so, how do I apply grout sealer?"

How to Install Cement Backer Board
Learn how to install cement backer board and make your tiling work go a lot faster and smoother.

Grout Remover Tool
What is the best grout removal tool?

Sanded Tile Grout
Should I use sanded tile grout? What is the difference between sanded and non sanded tile grout?

Change Grout Color?
How to change grout color? Is it as simple as buying one of those grout colorant kits?

Show Us Your Tile Work - DIY or Professional
Show Us Your Tile Work - DIY or Professional

Using a Wet Tile Saw
Interested in using a wet tile saw but don't know how? Or are afraid? No fear. Learn with our guide to using wet tile saws.

Porcelain Tile vs. Ceramic Tile
What's the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile?

PEI Rating: Durability and Hardness Rating for Tile
What is PEI rating and how does it affect my selection of porcelain and ceramic tile?

Tile Trowel
Which type of tile trowel to use? The V-notched tile trowel or a square-notched tile trowel?

Tile Subfloor
Is OSB a good tile subfloor? How about plywood or vinyl tile? We examine tile subtrate and let you know what subfloor is best for tile.

Why Should I Put Diagonal Tile in My Bathroom?
Let's look at why diagonal tile is not only acceptable but preferable in the bathroom.

Tile Designs For Bathrooms
See our gallery of tile designs for bathrooms from major tile companies.

Remove Tile Grout
It's easy to remove tile grout--much easier than you might expect. Find out how to remove grout.

Regrout Bathroom Tile
It's easy to regrout bathroom tile--much easier than you might expect. Regrouting bathroom tile is a simple two-step process of first removing the existing grout and then adding grout back. Let's show you how.

Floating Tile Floors
Are floating tile floors a viable option to grouted, mortared tile flooring?

Floating Tile Flooring: Kwik-Tile
Comments about floating tile floors from Van Conners, President of Kwik-Tile.

What Is Mastic?
What Is Mastic

Can I Install Tile on Plywood?
Answering whether you can install tile directly on plywood.

Tile in Bedroom
Can you really use tile in the bedroom? Of course you can. We show you ways to do it, too.

Q: Can I Install Tile With Thinset on Top of Mastic on Concrete Floor?
Q: Can I install tile with thinset over existing mastic on a concrete floor?

What Is Rectified Tile?
What does "rectified tile" mean and do I need it?

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