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The 10 Steps to Build Your Own House
Learn the 10 basic steps to build own house.

How hard or costly to do a kitchen bump out?
Is it costly or complicated to do a kitchen bump out or add on? I don't have much square footage that I want to add on.

Garage Insulation
Garage insulation may seem like a contradiction of terms, in a way. Garages are essentially "outdoor" structures. Insulation is something you use to keep indoor spaces warm or cool. So what gives?

What Is a Scissors Truss?
What is a scissors trusses and how does it relate to vaulted ceilings?

Toe-Nailing Lumber with Hammer and Nails
Learn some toe-nailing tips for joining two pieces of lumber. Toe-nailing can be made easier with a few simple tips.

How to Build a Knee Wall
Step by step instructions for how to install a knee wall in your attic. Knee walls are easy to install.

Should I Install a Knee Wall?
A reader asks if his attic needs a knee wall, what the purpose of a knee wall is, and how to insulate it.

Punch List
What is a punch list? How does a punch list relate to home remodeling, and to additions in particular?

The Basics of Modular Homes
Many people are attracted to the idea of modular homes as a cost-saving issue, and because they feel they will have better control over the building process. Learn the basics of modular homes.

Home Office Solutions
Home office solutions that help you turn ordinary spaces into comfortable working spaces.

Take Down Wall
Find out if you can take down a wall in your house. Here are some general guidelines about taking down a wall in your house.

Q: What if I put insulation vapor retarder wrong direction in knee walls?
Which direction should the vapor retarder be in knee walls? What if I put it in the wrong direction?

Attic Conversion Regulations
What is an attic conversion? How much will one cost me?

Moist Soil in Sub Crawl Space
A homeowner's mysterious case of moist soil in a house's sub crawlspace that won't seem to go away.

Types of House Foundations
Listing the types of house foundations and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Stair Design Ideas
Stair design ideas in pictures. See great staircase ideas for your next staircase project.

Home Libraries: Ideas For Renovating Your Own Place
Pictures of home libraries as inspiration for remodeling your own home.

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