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Can I Take Down an Interior Wall Running the Length of the House?
Wall Running Length of House

Wall Running Length of House and Showing Direction of Trusses

Lee Wallender; Licensed to About.com
Perhaps. If your interior wall runs the length of the house--and equally bisects the house--chances are that this wall is load-bearing. If it's a basement wall, the chances are higher.

If it's a first-floor wall, the chances are lower. In fact, these interior walls which bisect the house may be there simply because below of adequate support below in the basement.


These are not rules for taking down a wall; nothing here is an absolute. Rather, this article aims to provide clues for your detective work in deciding whether a wall can be removed in a one-floor house with basement. Only a licensed and experienced contractor and/or structural engineer can determine if a wall within your house can be taken down.

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