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Bathroom Code Basics


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Bathroom Code: The Basics
Bathroom Code Basics

Bathroom Code is Not the Same Everywhere

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It's too easy to look at bathroom code as a set of onerous restrictions designed to squeeze your wallet dry. While some parts of the bathroom building code may seem a little nit-picky, in many ways it's a useful guide as to what goes where and how far it is apart.

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Where Does Bathroom Code Come From?

Though based on the framework of the International Building Code, bathroom code is not the same everywhere. So, codes in Maine will not necessarily be the same as codes in Florida. Not only that, but municipalities can add their own twists to the code.

So, the bathroom codes here can point you in a general direction, but should not be taken as applying to your own city.

One great resource for finding free online building codes is from Public.Resource.Org (link below).

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