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Small Bathroom Ideas - Space-Saving Toilet and Pedestal Sink
Small Bathroom Ideas - Kohler Ensemble
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Diagonal placement of toilet and sink pull together this bathroom corner, and the rich paint colors give the room a depth that you can't get with the lighter shades.

What works: the compact toilet; pedestal sink (always great for small bathrooms); and solid paint colors. Also, notice how the small windows placed high up on the wall bring in light but don't compromise storage or fixture placement?

  • Kohler Wellworth Toilet. As the Kohler site says about small bathrooms: "To give yourself more room to operate, consider replacing your old model with a compact toilet. It's the same size as a round-front model and still provides the comfort of an elongated seat."
  • Kohler Wellworth Pedestal Sink
  • Solid and soothing paint colors.
  • Kohler website
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