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White Bathrooms Are Not Completely White
White Bathroom with Cathedral Ceiling
Copyright Benjamin Moore

Like the also-popular, white kitchen, there is no such thing as a truly white bathroom.  Usually there is some type of contrasting element--a black accent tile strip, gray trim, off-white ceiling.  Even the whites chosen for the field paint (that is, the main section of walls) do not have to be absolutely white.

As you will see in the following pages, many variations of white are possible, while still maintaining that classic white bathroom feel.

What Is The White Bathroom Syndrome?

There aren't many readily identifiable bathroom styles.  But the white bathroom is one that we can easily capitalize and precede with a "the," as in The White Bathroom.  It's a thing for some people.  It represents purity, hygiene.  

It also shows off dirt, grime, errant hairs and bodily fluids, which can be either good or bad, depending on your point of view.  Good if you're the type who likes to catch things in their early stages.  Bad if you're the "sweep it under the carpet" type.  

What You're Looking At

This bathroom photo comes from Benjamin Moore.

  • Cascade White (walls)
  • Wedding Veil (trim)


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