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Bathroom Contractors

Simple Steps Show You How to Find a Bathroom Contractor


Bathroom Contractors

Bathroom Contractors

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Think you can't find a good bathroom contractor? If you follow these simple steps it is possible to find bathroom contractors to help you create a stylish bathroom on a dime!

1. Ask Friends and Neighbors about Bathroom Contractors

No one can give you a better, more true answer than someone you already know. Most importantly, they will probably give you access to the bathroom so that you can see the contractor's actual work--instead of just through pictures in a book.

2. Check the Licensing

All general and specialty "home improvement contractors" will be licensed through the state. First check with your state licensing board to see if the contractor is licensed and whether he had any current or past infractions.

3. Internet Services Can Refer Bathroom Contractors

Well-known matching services like ServiceMagic can help you "find" a bathroom remodeling contractor. But beware: contractors pay to be on ServiceMagic. Minimal background checks are made by ServiceMagic, and not much beyond that.

4. Cruise the Neighborhood

After dinner, cruise your neighborhood on foot or by car. Bathroom contractors will sometimes put signs out front advertising work in progress at neighbors' houses. Even strangers will usually be more than happy to express their opinion about the quality of the work. Some will even invite you in.

5. Exploit the Seasons

Bathroom contractors, like all contractors, are like mosquitoes: they have seasons when they are in full force. Work tends to slack off for them around holidays. These can be good times to have work done on your bathroom--especially if you expect to be out of the house during that time.

6. How Well Does He Communicate?

Remodeling a bathroom is not as simple as saying, "Go forth and renovate me a bathroom" and then checking back two months later. It's a constant barrage of e-mails, calls, texts, and visits, sometimes several times a day. If the bathroom contractor does not communicate well--and listen to you--the first time around, don't choose him. It does not bode well.

7. Get 3 Estimates...or More

This is potentially a $10,000, $25,000, or more job. Why monkey around with the price? You want to get it right. Reserve two evenings per week after dinner for meeting up with--and interviewing--bathroom remodeling contractors.
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