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Bathroom Remodeling Plan

A Timetable to Aid in Planning


How long does it take to completely remodel a bathroom? What order of progression do the different tasks take.

In this scenario, we're talking a full-scale tearout/rebuild type of bathroom remodel.

Please keep in mind, this is a best-case scenario. As with anything in life, bathroom remodeling may not always work according to plan.

But we can hope, can't we?

Bathroom Remodeling Timetable

Demolition 2 Nasty work that may take longer if bathroom is on second story or otherwise difficult to move materials out of.
Rough Carpentry 2 Optional: You may not need any carpentry if the underlying structure is in good shape.
Plumbing Rough-In 1-2 Plan on the full 2 days or more if you are moving services like tub and toilet.
Electrical 1 A good professional electrician can move swiftly, so it would be unusual for this to go more than a day.
Insulation .5 A fast job.
Hang Drywall 1 Drywall may be begun the minute insulation is up.
Finish Drywall 2 Finishing means applying joint compound, letting dry, sanding, and sometimes repeating.
Tilework 3 Optional: you may not be doing tilework, but like drywall, there is the applying/drying cycle that takes time.
Cabinetry 1 There tends to be minimal cabinetwork in bathrooms, so this should go quickly.
Flooring 2 Plain vinyl floor could go down in a morning; tile, engineered wood, and the like will take longer.
Fixtures, Etc. 1 Hooking up toilet, sink, etc.
Miscellaneous 1.5 Allow some time for contingencies.
TOTAL 18 --
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