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Review: Electric Towel Warmer from Warmly Yours

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Electric Towel Warmer

Electric Towel Warmer

Warmly Yours

The Bottom Line

The Warmly Yours Electric Towel Warmer infuses your bathroom with instant luxury, and you can easily install the plug-in model yourself. For the long-term, consider buying the hardwired model.
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  • Install by yourself in under one hour (my estimate).
  • Plug-in model may not require services of electrician.
  • Nice touch of luxury for moderate cost.
  • Coiled wire is fairly unobtrusive.
  • Heats up towels quickly.


  • Wire could be a problem if you have zero tolerance for aesthetic anomalies.
  • No timer--requires you to turn on in advance.


  • Warmly Yours Infinity Plug-In Electric Towel Warmer.
  • Coiled cord and plug will reach up to 6 feet.
  • Install yourself, using ordinary household tools.
  • Requires grounded outlet, but not a GFCI outlet.
  • Requires 120V ac household power.
  • Button at bottom of right-hand vertical post to turn product on or off. Manual operation only; no timer.

Guide Review - Review: Electric Towel Warmer from Warmly Yours

Few bathroom appliances are as simultaneously luxurious and non-essential as an electric towel warmer. After all, what does a towel warmer really do except provide you with a minute-long embrace of pure, soft warmth on a winter's morn? That's not necessary at all, is it?

I don't hear anyone agreeing with me.

I tested the Warmly Yours Infinity Towel Warmer Plug-In Model. I should mention that Warmly Yours sells both a plug-in and hardwired model, and this point will come into play later on.

What Is an Electric Towel Warmer?

Electric towel warmers are made of metal and consist of two vertical posts and multiple horizontal tubes. In the case of the Infinity Towel Warmer there are ten horizontal tubes which, in my towel warmer naivete, I believed were all available for hanging towels. A towel warmer good enough for the Duggar family! Not so. These are heating elements to provide overall, consistent warmth to the entire towel. In fact, Warmly Yours recommends that no more than two towels be hung on the towel warmer at one time (alternatively, bathrobes can be warmed on this product).

Heating Speed

The towel warmer heats up instantly, and warms the towel far faster than Warmly Yours' conservative 30 minute estimate.


This towel warmer is 22 inches wide: too wide to reach the two closest studs (16" apart), too narrow to reach the next-over stud (32" apart). But because the towel warmer anchors at four points, you have two solid holds on one stud. Theoretically, you could even attach the warmer to that single stud, and it would hold just fine (do not try this).

Plug-In vs. Hardwired Model

While the plug-in towel warmer worked perfectly fine, you may want to consider the hardwired model ("hardwired" means to tap directly into the house's power). The hardwired warmer comes with a timer, which the plug-in model does not have. Also, while the plug-in model's coiled cord is surprisingly unobtrusive--especially when towels are hanging--a hardwired model displays no wires at all.

Most importantly, because of the limited size of bathrooms, you will often find no wall receptacles. If you are going to the trouble of adding a receptacle to your bathroom, you might as well go the next step and hardwire the towel warmer. The hardwired model is only slightly more expensive than the plug-in model, and most electricians can knock out this job in less than an hour.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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