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Bathroom Paint Colors


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Wistful Washroom...or Sunny Summer?
Behr Yellow Bathroom Paint Colors

Behr Bathroom Paint Colors

© Behr
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Looking for bathroom paint colors handed to you on a silver platter? Well, that's just about what we've got for you here: color ideas, fully arranged by professional designers, and copyable by you for instant designs. Even homeowners who know nothing about how to coordinate colors (that pretty much describes me) can execute these schemes.

Behr, a respected manufacturer of wallet-friendly paints (sold at The Home Depot), calls this bathroom scene Wistful Washroom. I'd say this is a misnomer. These bathroom paint colors are bold and friendly, with a two-tone wall scheme that makes the clawfoot tub pop out, and creamy off-white baseboards for a classic, antique look.

  • Left Wall- Applesauce 350C-3
  • Back Wall- Banana Cream 350C-2
  • Baseboards- Vermont Cream W-B-400
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