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Bathroom Paint Colors


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Super-Blue Bathroom Paint Colors - Just for Kids?
Valspar Ocean Sigh Bathroom Colors

Valspar Ocean Sigh

Image: © Valspar; Courtesy of Valspar
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Oceanic, but whimsical. This duck-themed color scheme hearkens back to days of playing on the seashore as a kid. But why stop at the kids' bathroom? This is a bold and unexpected arrangement of blue, bluer, and bluest colors that Valspar groups in its Unexpected Colors category.

Note how easy it is to coordinate other elements of the bathroom with the same color. Take a look at that step stool. It's a simple thing to dab some of the wall paint on the stool (clean it off first, though) after doing the walls. For added whimsy, paint window and door trim.

So, live a little...and turn that traditional white trim into something that catches the eye!

  • Walls - Ultra Premium Ocean Sigh 5002 10A
  • Trim- Ultra Premium Crystalline 5002 9A
  • Inner Part of Windows- Ultra Premium Misty 5002 9B
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