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Paint Colors To Bring the Beach to Your Bathroom All Year
Beach-Like Bathroom Paint Colors

Bathroom Paint Colors: Ideas for a Soft, Seaside-Like Bathroom Look

Image: © Valspar; Courtesy of Valspar
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Looking for colors that evoke summers and lemonade at the beach all year 'round--even into the dark months of winter? Well, this is it. From Valspar, a soft summer seaside look that works wherever you happen to be--city, country, or gosh, even seaside.

This bathroom paint color can go in many different directions. It's whimsical enough to work for a kid's bathroom. Cheerful enough for a guest bathroom. And because this paint design has none of the overly cheerful and oppressive qualities that "nautical" themes happen to have (sky! sun! sand!), you'll even enjoy it day in and day out in your own bathroom.

  • Precious Peony, #SR1406, Part of the Seaside Retreat Collection
  • Sailcloth, #SR101, Also Part of the Seaside Retreat Collection
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