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A Bathroom Paint Scheme to Make You Green with Envy
Sea Foam Green Bathroom Paint Ideas

Bathroom Paint from Valspar

Image: © Valspar; Courtesy of Valspar
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Green is hard. Get the hue wrong and you've got a green reminiscent of a primeval forest, and equally dank, dark, and foreboding.

So we've got a bathroom paint color idea that combines no less than two different shades of green from Valspar (Salamander and Beach Grass) with two neutrals (Lyndhurst Shady Grove and Green Monsoon). This complexity gives your bathroom a playful feeling that's anything but dark and heavy.

With this type of green, the only acceptable trim color is crisp white. Once again, as noted earlier, it's always a great idea to paint additional bathroom features while you've still got the paint can open and the brush wet. Here, the cast-iron bathtub has been previously sanded down and thoroughly clean, and then painted in matching colors.

  • Salamander, #6001-8B
  • Lyndhurst Shady Grove, #5006-3B
  • Beach Grass, #5008-8B
  • Green Monsoon, #5008-3C
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