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Half Bath: Design and Functions


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Half Bath: Keep it Simple
Half Bath

Half Bath

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No need to wrack your brains and tax your design skills when dealing with the half bath. In most cases, you only have a small area to work with, which means that there isn't a whole lot of stuff you can put into a half bath. No shower, no bathtub, no extensive counters. But look at this as a blessing in disguise: you can hone your bathroom design skills on the half bath before proceeding to the master bathroom.
  • Around 16 Square Feet. The half bath can be as small as four feet by four feet (16 sq. feet) and still take care of basic needs.
  • Defining the Half Bath. A full-service bathroom has four things: 1.) Toilet; 2.) Sink; 3.) Shower; 4.) Bathtub. Since a half bath has just those first two items, it's called a "half bath"!
  • Call it Anything. Some people call it a guest bathroom. Some people call it a powder room. It's all the same thing.
  • Keep it Simple. Over-adorning your half bath only leads to clutter. Besides the toilet and pedestal sink, keep other items to a minimum.
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