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Miracle Method: Profile of Refinishing Company on the Move


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Is Bathtub Refinishing a Legitimate Industry? Miracle Method Thinks So...
In one sense, Miracle Method has been forced to carry the ball for the entire surface restoration industry, in terms of combating negative perceptions. Says Dominick, "When you are a leader in the industry, you have to take on that role."

Despite Web backlash against the tub refinishing industry as a whole, Miracle Method does not sink to the level of combating this by familiar guerrilla marketing tactics, such as deflating the offending search rankings. Miracle Method will simply correct whatever problem the consumer encountered that caused the complaint in the first place.

Ratings and Reviews for Bathtub Refinishing

One method of accountability is Miracle Method’s participation in the third-party rating group, RatePoint.com. At RatePoint, consumers can leave unvarnished reviews of their experiences with different companies, including Miracle Method franchisees.

The difference between RatePoint and something like RipOffReport.com is that RatePoint gives Miracle Method the chance to have their say and to resolve the problem. One criticism of RipOffReport has always been that it is unfairly balanced on the side of the angry consumer. Unlike the Better Business Bureau’s laissez-faire, low-accountability approach, RatePoint is somewhere in the middle. Even though businesses on RatePoint can mitigate criticism (out of 225 reviews for Miracle Method's Colorado Springs location, the lowest rating is four stars out of five), visitors to the site are at least allowed to read the actual customer reviews.

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