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Miracle Method: Profile of Refinishing Company on the Move


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Miracle Method Cost? How Does It Compare?
Miracle Method’s Don Dominick, as a point of reference, estimates that a base-level tub refinish in Seattle, Washington, might range about $425-$450 (this figure is variable, depending on many factors, and should not be taken as an indication of a set price).

So the question is: Cheaper than what?

Bathtub refinishing does tend to be less expensive than bathtub liners. Without doubt, bathtub refinishing is vastly cheaper than the full tear-out-and-replace method. Other than the materials involved, the full tear-out-and-replace method involves costly and messy demolition.

Miracle Method Supersized

One interesting fact to note is that a large part of Miracle Method’s business comes from commercial refinishing. Hotels and property management companies contract Miracle Method to restore their tubs, showers, and sinks en masse. Dominick notes that roughly 60% of its work is residential, 40% commercial.

In one instance, at the Port Orleans Hotel in Orlando, Florida, a Miracle Method crew refinished 20 bathtubs per day, using the leapfrog method: one worker doing all the prep work, the next worker doing all the spraying, and so on.

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