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What Is a Hollow Core Door


Hollow Core Door

Hollow Core Door

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What It Is:

The hollow core door is a staple of the modern home. It is used only on the interior and tends to be used for bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and some laundry and utility rooms.

Anyone who has accidentally broken this type of door will know that it is not truly hollow. A fiberboard honey-comb structure inside the door provides strength so that the door does not bend or warp.


  • Weight - Hollow core doors are light-weight, making them easy to transport and install by one person.
  • Privacy - These doors fulfill the basic function of giving a room privacy.
  • Low Cost - Most significantly, hollow core doors are inexpensive, with most costing less than $50. This is why most budget-conscious contractors and home builders will steer consumers toward hollow-core doors: it's one area to shave costs without completely eliminating a feature.


  • Sound Transmission - Hollow core doors tend to transmit sound. For better soundproofing, use solid core doors inside your house.
  • Difficult to Refurbish - Surfaces of veneered hollow-core doors are only about 1/8" thick. This thin veneer does not allow for much more than a light sanding, if even that. Many hollow core doors are all fiberboard, no veneer, which means that they can only be re-painted and never sanded. The prime advantage of solid-core wood doors is that they are 100% wood and can be sanded, planed, filled, and painted if they become damaged.
  • Moderate Resale Value - Hollow core doors provide, at best, only moderate resale value, since they have become so ubiquitous. At worst, they can drag down the value of a house if that house has custom features that surpass the quality of hollow core doors.

"Interior" Hollow Core is a Misnomer:

All hollow core doors are interior. They are inappropriate for exterior use, because intruders could easily punch through the thin surfaces with a screwdriver, hammer, or even with a fist. Additionally, hollow core doors are not weather resistant.
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