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Prehung Door: Get Your "Hand" Right (or Left, as the Case May Be!)


Installing a Prehung Door

Installing a Prehung Door

Copyright/Courtesy The Home Depot
Here's a little advice about ordering prehung doors given to me by an employee at The Home Depot. When I asked him the number one mistake that homeowners make when ordering prehung doors, he said this:

"They fail to realize just how heavy these units are."

"Does The Home Depot help people carry them out?" I asked.

"Sure, we do our best. Oh, and one other thing. People forget about the 'hand' of the door. They get the 'hand' wrong."

"Hand?" I asked. "Like 'right-hand, left-hand' or something to that effect?"

"That's right," said The Home Depot guy. "I mean, 'That's correct!' You ask them what hand they want, left or right, and you get these blank faces. They'd never even thought out it. Then you see them staring off into the distance as they try to remember which way their door needs to go. If we're talking an exterior door, then the door always swings inward. It's just a matter of deciding the 'hand.' But interior doors can swing in either direction--and can have left or right hands. So, my advice to homeowners to is get that crucial piece of information straightened out...before leaving the house!"

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