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Door Trim Ideas: The Classic Rosette, Fluted Casing, and Plinth Combination
Door Trim Ideas - Rosette Plinth Casing
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It's as traditional a door trim idea as you can get. And it's easily within reach of even the clumsiest DIY remodeler.

About This Door Trim Style

The rosette, fluted casing, and plinth block add instant class to a home. Any home? Not exactly. This door trim is overbearing and inappropriate in homes with a cleaner, more modern style.

This door trim combination is super-easy to install. Downside: these trim pieces, though plentiful, still tend to be rather costly.

How To Duplicate This Door Trim Idea

  • Two (2) rosette blocks.
  • Two (2) plinth blocks.
  • Three (3) fluted casings*
You can purchase door packs from distributors such as House of Fara (which also supplied this picture). The third casing above the door will be shorter and will fit most door widths. House of Fara link below.
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