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The 6 Panel Door


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6 Panel Door Components
6 Panel Door

6 Panel Door

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Let's take a door at all of the components of the 6 panel, stile-and-rail door.
  • Top rail.
  • Lock rail.
  • Bottom rail.
  • Stile. For clarity, the accompanying image indicates only one of the stiles. However, on the right-hand side there is another stile of equal size.
  • Mullion. It is interesting to note that windows have a similar vertical component, also called a mullion.
  • Panel. Six panels of three different sizes comprise this door.
  • Casing or Trim. Casing is not actually part of the door itself, but since I get so many questions about door casing, I thought I should mention it. Casing, also known as trim, is the very outer-most wood perimeter of the door. It is attached to the doorframe, not the door itself.

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