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Mid Century Modern Doors


Irony of ironies: there was a time you couldn't pay someone to take that mid-century modern door off your hands. So it got taken off the hinges, laid across sawhorses, and turned into Dad's work-bench. And that was if it was lucky. More than likely, it got chopped up into little pieces and sent to the landfill.

Now you're forty and you've just bought your first mid century atomic ranch house. The front door is some awful faux Victorian-brothel Home Depot special, oozing with fake gold and carved wood highlights, and you'd kill to have a flat, clean, geometric door from 1965. Where can you get replicas?

Previously, Crestview Doors of Austin, TX had been a good supplier of retro-styled doors. But with its startling July 15, 2013 price increase--over 350% overnight--I no longer consider them a reliable source. So, I suggest some alternatives to Crestview in this list. For example, Crestview's Allandale is little more than a solid wood core door, birch veneered, with 5 long, horizontal lites. The 5-lite style is easily duplicated. The only difference is that the birch veneer may be difficult to find.

Therma-Tru Pulse

Therma Tru Pulse
© Therma Tru
The Pulse door is the feeling of a mid century modern door wrought in fiberglass. Even though fiberglass is certainly not period-perfect, it's a rock-solid, weather-resistant material that lends itself well to exterior applications. The Pulse looks great from a distance, but Therma-Tru missed the memo on some of the smaller details, such as using curvy molding on a door that should be only right angles. Pulse offers alternatives to Crestview's Nokona, Parkway, Pasadena, and Patio doors, with prices about half that of Crestview's.

ETO Moderno

Mahagony Moderno Door
© ETO Doors
Made of unfinished engineered mahogany, this exterior door from ETO comes in under $1,000 (from $759 to $989). While not strictly copying any mid-century modern styles, this door--with its multiple horizontal rectangles, set in ladder-like fashion--can easily dress up any home from the Fifties or Sixties.

Borano Tiama 3 or 2

Boramo Tiama 3
© Borano
Borano is a Florida-based company more associated with high-end hand-carved doors for homes that have a European country style. Yet Borano also has a modern section with a few doors that could grace a home from the 1950s-1960s without being too much of an anachronism. Their Tiama 3, shown here, is 2.25" thick solid mahogany--not engineered wood. If you're planning for the zombies attacking your house during the Apocalypse, you can even go up to an incredible four inches thick. The Tiama 2 is simply the same door as pictured but with two larger panes of glass instead of these three smaller ones.

Neoporte Doors

Neoporte Door
© Neoporte
Based in Phoenix, AZ, Neoporte manufactures gorgeous doors in shimmering, glittering metal and glass. Several Neoporte offerings are capable of giving your house an "updated mid-century modern" look, as if Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs house had died and gone to stainless steel heaven.

D by D Contemporary 5162

D by D Contemporary 5162
© Doors by Decora
Doors by Decora (D by D) mainly makes super-elaborate beveled, leaded-glass, solid oak-type doors, but lately they have been developing a Contemporary line. This door, with no name other than 5162, is quite unusual. It has no direct 1960s provenance that I know of, yet somehow it feels very much like a 1960s door, with its three squares stacked one upon the other. The fluted glass lites in this image don't feel right at all. However, since this Montgomery Alabama-based company custom-manufactures doors all the time, I'm sure they can easily add glass of any type for those lites. They also have a nice mahagony four-lite door similar to the Tiama.

MCM Interior Door

Mid Century Modern Interior Door
© Reclaimed Space
From Reclaimed Space, this is a 32" interior door with three lites and a cool escutcheon around the door knob. I suspect that this vendor, being based in Austin--also home of Crestview Doors--takes conventional hollow-core doors "off the rack" and adds Crestview lite kits, thus turning them into mid-century modern-ish doors. The only problem is that Crestview no longer sells these lite kits, so the status of this Reclaimed Space door is uncertain.
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