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Mold Resistant or Paperless Drywall


Mold resistant drywall

Mold resistant drywall

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Mold resistant drywall is one of the better innovations in the often static world of drywall technology. Instead of the traditional paper facing for the outer faces of the gypsum slabs, the slabs are either homogenous (same material through-and-through, with no layers) or have a fiberglass mat which substitutes for the paper facing.

The main benefit of mold resistant drywall is that moisture doesn't have the chance to feed on the organic materials which comprise paper-backed drywall.

Mold Resistant Drywall vs. Greenboard

Greenboard is a paper-backed drywall that has a light green "hospital" tint. Greenboard is often used for high-moisture areas such as showers, in which the greenboard is heavily coated with bathroom-quality paint or with cement board on top.

Greenboard is less effective at inhibiting mold than is mold resistant drywall. However, greenboard is less expensive than mold resistant drywall.

Laminated vs. Uniform Composition

No mold-resistant drywall has paper backing. Some brands, such as USG's Fiberock Aqua-Tough, have a uniform composition of materials; in other words, no facing materials of any sort. Other brands, such as Georgia-Pacific's DensArmor, have a gypsum core and fiberglass mat facings on both sides of the board.

Mold Can Still Grow, Just Less Likely

No wall covering manufacturer will will warrant that their product is mold-proof; only that it stands a lower chance of growing mold and mildew than traditional paper-faced drywall.

Mold and mildew growth have become a hot button issue lately due to health concerns. Mold remediation companies deal with killing and covering over mold/mildew, but it's always best to prevent mold before it starts.

Prominent Brands

Some names in paperless drywall are:
  • U.S. Gypsum (Sheetrock® Brand Humitek®)
  • National Gypsum (Gold Bond Brand XP)
  • Temple-Inland (Silent-Guard™ TS)
  • Georgia Pacific (DensArmor® Plus
  • U.S. Gypsum (FiberRock® AquaTough™)
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