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QuietRock - Does this Soundproof Drywall Really Work or Not?


QuietRock Soundproofing Drywall

QuietRock Soundproofing Drywall

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Question: QuietRock - Does this Soundproof Drywall Really Work or Not?
If you've ever had problems with sound next-door (or if you have been the problem), you may be interested in soundproofing your home. One way to soundproof is to layer-up your walls with ordinary drywall. Another way is to use a sound-dampening product like QuietRock.
Answer: QuietRock is a sound damping drywall that manufacturer Serious Materials says, "...is the lowest cost, noise reduction wall panel on the market."

QuietRock starts with model #510, their lowest-cost product, and works up to model #545 THX, which, true to its name is a THX™ sound system certified drywall for excellent sound isolation in high-end theaters and studios.

Cuts and Scores Like Normal Drywall

Even though QuietRock is denser than conventional drywall, it can still be scored and snapped (or cut) in the same way with a standard utility knife.

QuietRock is Not 100% Sound-Proof

Even though Serious Materials' sales literature does use the term "soundproof," no material is truly soundproof. Anyway, "soundproof" is a misnomer. Except for the vacuum of space, nothing is 100% soundproof.

However, when you look closer at QuietRock's specs, it becomes clear that sound dampening, absorption, and mitigation are the goals of QuietRock.

Better Than Multiple Layers of Drywall

Eight layers of standard drywall equal one layer of QuietRock #525. So, theoretically you can hang multiple layers of drywall and achieve the same effect.

But realistically this will not happen. Multiple layers of drywall have these problems: increased weight on your walls; added cost; receptacles need to be bumped out; floor space is lost; higher labor costs; higher ancillary materials cost (joint compound, drywall tape, etc.).

Cost of QuietRock

Even though Serious Materials advertises a cost of $39.95 for a single 4'x8' sheet of QuietRock #510, this is for bulk purchases. True costs run much higher.

Let's say that you can buy a sheet of conventional drywall for $8.00 at The Home Depot. Eight sheets of this drywall at $8.00 would exceed the cost of a single sheet of QuietRock #510.

You need to look at total cost rather than sheet cost. Hanging multiple sheets of conventional drywall (even if logistically possible) will also drive labor costs higher than if you were to hang single sheets of QuietRock.

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