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Drywall Wet Sanding


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Drywall Wet Sanding: Materials Needed
Drywall Sanding Materials

Drywall Sanding Materials

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Few things in life are more hideous than drywall dust. Created as a result of sanding drywall with a screen or sandpaper, this dust flies everywhere, gets in the smallest places, and is difficult to remove. Drywall wet sanding proves to be the answer. Or is it?

Drywall wet sanding does work, but it's not a panacea for all drywall woes. I think of it more as "drywall joint smudging" than actual sanding. But there is real value to smudging out the edges of the joints, because it makes the seams less visible or even invisible after painting.

Materials Needed:

  • Large bucket.
  • Drywall sanding sponge. Don't just use any sponge on hand. A drywall sponge is large, dense, and has abrasive material on one side.
Begin by filling the bucket with lukewarm water.

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