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Drywall Layout: A Visual Guide


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Drywall Layout Visual Guide
How to Drywall: Layout

How to Drywall: Layout

Public Domain: Peter Griffin

In this single picture of a room with newly installed drywall, you will see basic layout of the sheets, fasteners, electrical box cutouts, joint compound, and where to sand.  Through these steps, I break down the elements of this picture to show you the anatomy of a typical drywall project.

Horizontal or Vertical?

When laying out drywall, you need to decide which direction to lay out the rectangular-shaped sheets:

  • Vertical - that is, four feet across and eight feet tall, so that it completely reaches from floor to ceiling; or
  • Horizontal - that is, eight feet across and four feet tall.
Vertical placement is the classic way of laying out drywall. But horizontal placement has its advantages, too. Some professional drywall installers deem horizontal placement to be a stronger form of installation.

In our pictured drywall example, note that not only is placement horizontal, but 10' x 4' sheets are used.

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