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What are the Most Essential Tools for DIY Drywall Work?


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12 inch, 6 inch, and 4 inch Drywall Knife
Drywall Taping Knife

Drywall Taping Knife

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Drywall knives are specialized, so other types of putty knives that you may have in your shop will not work.

The good thing is that drywall knives are not expensive. My advice is that you purchase low-end knives because, if you are like me, you eventually will toss them out and replace them. Perhaps if I were more fastidious I would not have this problem. Yet no matter how hard I try to clean off my drywall tools, they eventually get gunked with impossible-to-remove drywall residue.

The 6 inch knife and the 4 inch knife are used for slopping the mud into place and for taping. The 12 inch knife is used for feathering and final coats. You will need either the 4 or 6 inch (they are fairly interchangeable) and the 12 inch knife.

Hyde Tools sells a nice, off-the-shelf 4 inch drywall knife, perfect for taping.

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