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What are the Most Essential Tools for DIY Drywall Work?


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How Can You Install Drywall without a Cordless Drill?
Hitachi 12V Cordless Drill Set

Hitachi 12V Cordless Drill Set

© Hitachi Tools USA; Courtesy Hitachi
Professional drywall installers use screw guns that automatically load up a new screw whenever they are ready for the next one. You would be lucky if you had such a type of screw gun. Certainly, for any major drywall installation project, you may want to rent such a screw gun from a rental yard.

For all other types of drywall work, an ordinary, off-the-shelf 12V or 18 V cordless drill will work. The 12V cordless can do the trick; if you want more power, the 18 V drill can easily draw screws into wood studs hundreds of times over.

It is also nice to have a clutch on the cordless drill so that the bit will stop turning at a certain point, rather than stripping the screw head. Corded drills will cause you frustration if trying to use them for drywall projects for two reasons: the cord and the difficulty of controlling torque on the drill.

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