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What are the Most Essential Tools for DIY Drywall Work?


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Get a Drywall Saw: Electric or Manual, Your Choice
Manual Drywall Saw

Manual Drywall Saw

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Two types of drywall saws you may need: jigsaw and manual saw. A jigsaw fitted with a coarse or drywall-specific blade helps you cut circles and other curved lines.

If you do not have a jigsaw, no need to buy one just for drywall. You can easily get the job done with a manual saw. The manual drywall saw is actually quite useful. It has a sharp point and an unusual set of coarse teeth that feel smooth to the touch. At first, you think that this saw could never cut drywall--but it does, and quite well, too. The basic yellow Stanley saw available at nearly every hardware store or online is good enough for your drywall project. No need to break the bank on a simple tool like this.

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