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Few renovation projects do not involve electrical work. So, whether doing it yourself or hiring a professional, let's look at all of the various aspects of this surprisingly fascinating trade.

How to Install a Recessed or Can Light in Place of An Existing Fixture
Find out the simple way to install a 4-inch recessed or can light in the ceiling, in place of an existing fixture.

How To Install a Dimmer Switch (Single-Pole)
Find out the easy way to replace a regular light switch with a dimmer switch. First, flip off the circuit breaker.

Electrical Remodeling Tricks, Tips, and Hacks
And now we present various electrical remodeling tricks--or call it commonsense?--that will make your job go easier.

Cut Electrical Wire Casing in 3 Strokes
Electrical Wire Casing

Gold Medallion Homes
Readers shares thoughts about Gold Medallion Homes.

Cutting Drywall to Install Wires in Closed Walls
A few tips on cutting drywall to install wiring behind closed walls.

What Is an Electrical Sub-Panel?
Definition of an electrical sub-panel and explanation of its uses.

Service panel or circuit breaker panel
Find out what a service panel is. Learn the components of an electrical service panel, otherwise known as a circuit breaker panel.

Can Lights: Do You Really Want Them?
The so-called can light is now ubiquitous in so many homes. Do you want to install can lights? Is there a reason why the can light should not be installed?

Shock and Fire Protection of the Future? Going Beyond GFCI, with the SafePlug.
Shock protection: it's more than GFCI. Now there is something called the SafePlug (OFCI), where trips power even before the overload starts. Is this the future of shock protection?

Heavy Up
What on Earth does it mean to heavy up electrical service? Do you need to heavy-up your electrical service or not?

Electrical Tools I Cannot Live Without
Learn about the "Electrical Tools that I Cannot Live Without" and find out if these electrical tools are right for your DIY toolbox.

Klein Side Cutting Pliers
Klein Side Cutting Pliers are a bit pricey. Are they worth the cost? Read our review of Klein Side Cutting Pliers and find out.

Klein Wire Stripper / Cutter Reviewed
How does the Klein wire stripper / cutter measure up? Are Klein electric wire strippers worthy of their reputation?

Cable Ripper - What is It and How to Use It
An ingeniously simple device that saves you time and frustration: the electrical cable ripper. Learn about the cable ripper (or wire ripper) and how to use it.

Wire Stripper - How to Use the Wire Stripper in Electrical Work
A basic element of electrical work, learn what the wire stripper is used for and how to use the wire stripper.

How do you secure the wire inside the plastic electrical box?
How do you secure a NM or Romex wire inside a plastic electrical box?

Run Wire in Open Walls
It's easy to learn how to run Romex electrical wire in your walls with this guide.

Determine Electrical Switch Problems
Just like with electrical outlets, it is not necessary to call an electrician when you have simple problems with your wall switch. Let's isolate the problem and determine what is causing the problem.

Determine Simple Electrical Outlet Problems
Don't call an electrician. Most problems with electrical outlets can easily be determined by the homeowner.

Convert 4 Prong Dryer Cord to 3 Prong Outlet
When moving a new dryer into an old house, one common problem is that the dryer has a 4 prong plug yet the outlet accepts only 3 prongs. How do you convert?

5 Reasons You Want to Do Your Own Electrical Repairs
Many home renovators are unafraid to take up hammer and saw--but balk when it comes to electrical repairs. Here are 5 reasons you want to do your own electrical repairs.

Electrical Service Panel Basics
Many home renovators may perform some electrical repairs on their own, but they often avoid the electrical service panel. Here are some basics of this oft-ignored but highly essential part of the electrical system.

What is BX, Type AC, or Armored Cable?
What is BX, Type AC, or armored wire and how would you use it when renovating a house?

Electrical Boxes
Learn the different types of electrical boxes for home renovation.

Electrical Service Wire Lugs
Electrical service wire lugs are a highly dangerous part of the electrical service panel. Know what to watch out for.

How to Remove a Circuit Breaker
Removing a circuit breaker is an easy task, but you need to know how to avoid some possible dangers.

Electrical Conduit Basics
Learn some basics about electrical conduit.

Using Romex and Conduit Wiring in Exposed Locations
When dealing with exposed locations such as the masonry walls of a basement, there are certain rules governing the use of Romex or conduit.

Kitchen Electrical Code Basics
Electrical code basics for kitchen renovation.

What does Romex or NM Mean?
When discussing electrical part, you often hear the word "romex" or "nm." What is romex?

How to Backwire an Electric Outlet
When installing an electric outlet, backwiring is one of the essential skills you need to know.

Replace Old Electrical Outlet With New One
Are your old electrical outlets old, worn, and loose? Replace them with new, safer electrical outlets. This is one of the easier quick-fixes you can do, and it'll make your house look a lot spiffier!

What is the Electrical Code?
The electrical code--properly called the National Electrical Code, published by the U.S. National Fire Protection Association--is one of the most important documents a home renovator can have. Here are the basics of the electrical code.

How to Test Electrical Current With a Voltage Tester
Learn the safe and fast way to test electrical current with a voltage tester.

Electrical Outlet Height: Quickly Measure and Mark Without a Tape Measure
Here's a quick tip for determining and marking electrical outlet height in a jiffy.

What is a Gold Medallion Home?
What is a Gold Medallion Home?

What Is an Electric Service Drop?
What is an electric service drop?

Homeowners Electrical Exam
Find out how to electrically wire your house--and get legally permitted--all without hiring an electrician.

Mr. Beams Home Power Outage Lighting System
A review of Mr. Beams Home Power Outage Lighting System.

Q: Why are my outlets installed upside-down?
Q: A question from a reader asking why her outlets are installed upside down and if it matters.

Installing Electrical Boxes - Nail In, New Construction.
Advice on how to install nail-in, new construction electrical boxes.

Types of Electrical Boxes
A summary of four categories of electrical box types.

Cooper Electrical Receptacles
What's up with Cooper electrical receptacle's face plates shattering all the time?

Retro Doorbells
Here are a few retro doorbells and places where you can buy them.

Electrical Devices With a Modern Look: Adorne From LeGrand
Give your remodel a contemporary look with these neat electrical devices and accessories from LeGrand's adorne collection.

How to Splice Electrical Wire
A pictorial guide to how to splice and extend electrical wire.

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