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Electrical Outlet Height: Quickly Measure and Mark Without a Tape Measure


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Electrical Outlet Hole Height: Quickly Measure and Mark Without a Tape Measure
Electrical Outlet Height

Electrical Outlet Height

Lee Wallender; Licensed to About.com
Here's how you can measure and mark the height for 4 wall receptacle stud holes--in under one second.
  1. Using your drywall square, place the long end of the square's "T" perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Hold the longest part of the square roughly parallel to the floor.
  3. Mark a line across 4 studs by running your pencil along the bottom part of the straight edge.
  4. Drill holes at this height.
This gives you a height of 14". If you then lay subfloor and wood flooring, thus raising the floor level, you end up with a hole height of about 12". This also is the height that I like to mount the wall receptacles.

Since NEC does not specify how high to mount receptacles or drill the holes, it's all a matter of preference.

Is this persnickety? Can you just wing it and not measure out your drill heights? You bet, and I've done this many times. But I like getting the height uniform for each stud, because any variance in height slightly increases the friction on the Romex® as I pull it through.

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