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What is the Best Basement Flooring?


best basement flooring
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We have written about the topic of basement flooring ideas. But that may be too wide-ranging, as we included some not-so-great basement floor ideas. Some readers want to cut to the chase and simply want to know the best basement flooring, bar none.

It's such an open-ended question, different factors can influence the choice. Factors like:

  • Moisture - Moisture in basements can go from outright seasonal flooding to mere condensation on the walls. Moisture is by far the biggest determining factor when we discuss basement flooring.
  • Main Basement Use - This is a tricky question, since basements are often a "catch-all" area for many different uses. While an upstairs bathroom is always an upstairs bathroom, basements can simultaneously be kids' playrooms, mother-in-law suites, movie theaters, mancaves, exercise rooms, etc. At the very least, you will need to determine the dominant use for the basement. For instance, if the basement is mostly a home gym, then a rubber roll or concrete floor is best, with all other activities subordinate to this.
  • Existing Basement Floor - Concrete? Dirt? Linoleum? In most cases, hopefully, the answer is "Concrete." But you may have carpeting, linoleum, or sheet or tile vinyl.

Best Basement Flooring - High Moisture

Concrete or sheet vinyl.

Best Basement Flooring - Moderate Moisture

All of the above, plus glazed tile (ceramic tile), resilient tile.

Best Basement Flooring - Low Moisture

All of the above, plus laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, carpeting.

Best Basement Flooring - Home Gym

Rubber roll or concrete.

Best Basement Flooring - Movie Theater

Low pile carpeting.

Best Basement Flooring - All Around

Sheet vinyl flooring.
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