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Durable Flooring

What's the Most Durable Flooring For Your Home?


Durable Flooring

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It's an almost unanswerable question: "I'm looking for durable flooring for my home. What's the most durable floor I can get?"

The reason this question is so difficult to navigate is that we doubt the reader is asking about durability only. If that were the case, the answer is clear: concrete. But how many homeowners want concrete floors? Precious few.

Keep in mind this: the list is deceptive. Even though there is a spread between concrete and engineered wood, the true distance is one of slight degrees. I would not want the engineered wood lobby to howl--the product makes countless homeowners happy and should last for many years.

  1. Concrete - Yes, we discussed this already. But we should point out that concrete floors are typically stained-to-order and can look quite lovely. See Video: How to Stain Concrete Floor
  2. Natural Stone - Travertine and other natural stones are neck-and-neck with concrete for durability. It should be noted that marble can wear down faster than you might expect. What About Travertine Floor?
  3. Resilient Flooring - Sheet - Also known as sheet vinyl, this classic product is like Tupperware for your floors: 100% moisture resistant and, at most, one seam. Glossary: Resilient Flooring
  4. Resilient Flooring - Tile - A close second to sheet vinyl, only because of the multiplicity of seams. Yet seams in vinyl tile should matter only if you have long-standing water--a rarity.
  5. Tile - Ceramic and Porcelain - Tile is durable against scratches and spills; tile lives for those kinds of emergencies. But drop a jar of pickles and it will undoubtedly crack. 10 Great Kitchen Tile Ideas
  6. Laminate Flooring - Getting more durable as manufacturers improve laminate's wear layer and base, it's still not as durable as all of the above products. But if it's moisture you're worried about, it is possible to buy waterproof laminate flooring. Mannington ICORE Waterproof Laminate
  7. Solid Hardwood Flooring - Hardwood, even the hardest, will scratch. But it can accept multiple hard sandings from even that beast of all sanders, the drum sander. Guide to Solid Hardwood Floors
  8. Engineered Wood Flooring - Engineered wood's thin veneer will scratch just as much as solid hardwood, but it cannot be sanded as frequently. Best advice here: use plenty of throw rugs, area rugs, and runners. And declaw those animals. Engineered Flooring Buyer's Guide
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