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Bamboo Flooring Basics - Cost, Hardness, and Installation


bamboo flooring
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Basic #6: Bamboo Flooring Can Be Reasonably Priced

Bamboo flooring runs $2-$4 per square foot--not as cheap as red oak, but roughly in the same range.

Basic #7: Though a Grass, Bamboo Is Durable Enough For Daily Use

Bamboo flooring's durability varies wildly, since it's the treatment of the bamboo by adhesives that give it its hardness--not any inherent quality of the grass itself. So, for the cheaper bamboo flooring, you might find softer bamboo floors around 900-1300 on the Janka scale. More numbers might be 1642 on the Janka Hardness Scale, placing it between soft Douglas Fir (660) and the extremely hard and expensive Brazilian Walnut (3800).

See: Bamboo Flooring Durability Basics

Basic #8: Bamboo Flooring Requires No Special Installation Methods

Bamboo offers a variety of installation methods:
  • Nail-Down
  • Just like normal hardwood floor installation, the strips of wood are nailed into place atop a sub-floor (more accurately, special flooring staples are used nowadays).

  • Floating
  • Strips of wood snap into each other on top of a foam underlayment: no nails, no glue.

  • Glue-Down
  • Strips of wood snap into each other and are glued down for maximum stability.

The installation method depends on the type of flooring purchased. Verify with the flooring company which type of installation method is appropriate for your flooring.

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